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AMV--I Said Never Again

Ummm...Well, this was a short little AMV I made for a friend for Christmas. Her and I both adore KyouKao, so I figured I might as well try it since my other one was pretty fun to make, but it came out more KyouKaoHika...Oh well, it's still KyouKao--or, was meant to be. I reused some of my favorite mashes of clips from anothe KyouKao AMV i made a little before this, and the allover effect is pretty pleasing to me.

Title: I Said Never Again--A Host Club Short
Song: I Said Never Again by Rachel Stevens
Length: 1:01 minutes
Pairing: KyouKao(Hika)(Shuddup, I tried)
Warning: Minor Implied yaoi and allover inability to properly convey the story
Disclaimer: I do not own the clips, nor the song used in this fanmade project. Do not sue, do not silence. do not flame, do not report. I'm not making any money off of this.

Tags: fanvid

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